• Alicia Fairfax

    Alicia Fairfax

    An attractive, and rather forward brunette with a challenging gaze.
  • Angus Deacon

    Angus Deacon

    Thomas Deacon's wastrel cousin.
  • Gordon Campbell

    Gordon Campbell

    A former high ranking member of the Masonic Lodge in Glasgow. Settled in Glencoe, dead in action July 1925.
  • Graeme McNair

    Graeme McNair

    Former street kid and acquaintance of Alistair Cook. Now allegedly rehabilitated and working as a waiter at the Caledonian Club.
  • The Hon. Alexander Fletcher

    The Hon. Alexander Fletcher

    Younger son of the aristocracy, amateur archaeologist and friend of Connor and Thomas. Confirmed bachelor.
  • The Master

    The Master

    But master of what?