A quick post work drink

I look into the whisky glass and swirl it round, uisge beatha water of life as they call it, well not short of water in Glasgow, it’s pissing it down. Really need a drink, at least the club gives staff a freebie when they clock off though it’s 2am and I’m bloody knackered.

Of all the people to see in the Caledonian Club I wouldn’t have expected him. Took me a while to place him, after all last thing I head was he had been carted off by the fuzz and as far as we all knew he was in the nick and that was his activities gubbed at least for a while. But there he was all tarted up in a borrowed suit like some posh git from Milngavie but looking bloody uncomfortable.

Turned out that he has somehow ended up in the company of one of the blokes that he was sitting near but not with. His guardian apparently not that he seems to view him like that more as someone to be rid of as soon as possible. Being dragged round some godforsaken dreich part of the Highlands wasn’t helping. I helped him take the piss a bit with his food and drink order after all if they can afford to come in here they can afford a nice whisky and some seafood for their companion who they obviously thought shouldn’t be within ear shot, well they don’t know Alistair that well obviously if he wants to be within earshot he will be.

He’s asked me to see what I can find out about his guardian, name Deacon, not sure I’ll be able to help, my contacts aren’t great since the church pulled me off the streets and found me this job, can’t afford to lose it, if I do then Kirsty and I will never be able to get married and I’m not enough of a numpty to risk that. Guy wears specs and looks a wee bit scary if you ask me. Other guy looked friendlier but not by much and both of them smelled of money. No doubt got plenty of stuff worth nicking but since Kirsty would rip me a new one I’m not going there.

Anyway lets see if I can find anything out without dropping myself in it.

A quick post work drink

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