July - August 1925

July 1925

We travelled to Arisaig, intent on recuperating following the incident in Glen Coe. Clearly fate had other intentions, I became alert to the issue when I arrived at the harbour. I found trusted retainers banished from the house, and became alert to the fact my dissolute cousin had decided to occupy the house without my permission. I was also surprised to find a police officer in the area, apparently on a fishing location despite lacking even rudimentary knowledge of how to fish.

Infuriated we travelled to the family home, to find that Angus Deacon had treated it more like a den of iniquity than my family home. I admit that my emotions may have got the better of me, randomly finding leech who’d emptied my wine cellar, tied up in what appeared to be a compromising position did not improve my mood.

I was also surprised to discover that the charming girl I’d met on the sleeper was actually my cousin’s fiancĂ©e before he had deserted her like the bounder he was. It was clear that she had travelled on to try and locate him near Loch Quoich, apparently at a house he had been building using suddenly discovered funds.

It was with horror that I realised the likelihood was that my cousin had been consorting with the enemy. It was as I walked through the remnants of my families once proud wine cellars, that it occurred to me that we had often had rumours of how we had helped the Young Pretender escape through a secret landing point on the coast. It was with some reluctance I had Sebastian Darke sign a letter for Uncle Bob, and we descended down to the landing point.

As I suspected we found it in use by Bosch U-boat. Clearly my cousin’s treachery knew no bounds. However, Fritz was unable to withstand some god British steel and we quickly forced them to retreat. I cabled these events to Uncle Bob and decided to continue my pursuit.

I will also continue to watch The Hon. Connor MacDiarmid MA (Cantab) PHD (Edin). At first it seemed he was trying to treat with the enemy, but I fear he must have been more affected by the marsh gas at Glencoe than I first thought as he bumbled on incoherently about cosmic threats that only the Freemason could protect us from. I do believe he actually thought the submariners were actual ‘fishmen’.

Either way we continued our pursuit of the Bosch and my traitorous blood, to Loch Quoich where we found the bounder trying to abuse the fair Alicia….

July - August 1925

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