Pre Game BB

Alastair watched Deacon leave the room for dinner whilst he laboriously copied out the sentences that his guardian had indicated to him from the book. Cocking his head to one side he listened and waited a few minutes to check that Deacon had indeed left, then changed how he held the chalk and quickly wrote the sentences in a clear cursive style, totally different to the crabbed style of the other sentences. Looked down at the slate he shook his head and thought to himself that his guardian was a bloody idiot sometimes, he told Deacon that the church had taken him and as many kids off the estate as they could years back and attempted to educate them but that didn’t stop him from insisting that Alastair was lacking in education just because he couldn’t recognise a bloody cow, as if cows were so common in the Gorbals… Idly he wondered how long he could fool Deacon into thinking he was a completely uneducated oik before he twigged…

Getting up from the table Alastair remembered the ‘discussion’ as Deacon liked to call them from yesterday, when he told him that he was going back to Glasgow as he was eighteen and too old to be a poxy ward. After the smack around the back of the head for his indolence, which he had to admit he probably deserved for not ducking fast enough, Deacon took great pains to point out that his age was questionable. Alastair frowned but then laughed as he remembered that Deacon was going to have to sit next to the lord’s sister tonight, it was so worth being locked in this room with no supper for telling her that the whores on East Street wore better clothing than of the upper class evening dresses he had seen her wear. Serves her right though for her comments, like the bint would know anything about being on the streets, locking up those who live on the streets? Stupid mare.

Wandering over to the bookshelves, he picked out the book that he had been reading whilst alone, he had just got to the part where the monster comes across a child throwing flowers into a stream. He figured he probably had a couple of hours before he was checked up on again, time enough for a few pages and then off to the kitchens for food. He settled down on his bed to read, mouthing the words he wasn’t that similar with but after one chapter he signed and got up and walked over to the desk. Ok, he had to admit the dictionary that Deacon had slammed down in front of him after he asked the meaning to yet another word was useful. Although the words he asked about were generally short ones, this book had more a few words he didn’t know. Running his finger down the words he found the word ‘stigma’, hmm useful word actually.

No more time for reading though, as his tummy growled, he missed lunch as well due to that insult, it took a matter of seconds to open the door. He knew that Deacon was aware of his skill with locks and wondered why he insisted on locking him in on the odd occasion like this. Looking around the room, there was only one thing left to do. Alastair carefully rubbed out the clear sentences from the board and quickly replaced them with more crabbed lines and only half finished the last line just to annoy his guardian further. That done, he went off to the kitchens to beg some food from the cook, thankfully she was quite a soft touch to the helpful young lad who often wandered down and helped out for the odd scone or in this case a better dinner than those nobs were having upstairs he thought as he eyed the trays that were being prepared for the next course with suspicion.

Later on he wandered back to his room, full and reasonably cheerful having won against the footman in a game of cards. However not too cheerful as tomorrow he knew that he was heading to another godforsaken piece of bloody highlands, knowing Deacon he was going to insist that he get some ‘fresh air’, enforced march more like. Once you had seen one bit of countryside you had seen it all surely?

Pre Game BB

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